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General & Weekly

General Services


Auto Cover Services

  • Clean Cover & Cover Box

  • Fabric Replacement

  • Cover Box Repair & Installation

  • New System Installation

  • General Maintenance Repairs


Equipment Services

  • Sand Replacement

  • Motor Replacement

  • Salt System Installation

  • Salt System Maintenance

  • General Equipment Maintenance

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Vinyl Liner Replacement

  • Replacement through Merlin

  • Warranty through Merlin

  • Replace when:

    • Holes​,,Fading or Discoloration

    • Liner Stretches

We also offer in-store water testing! Bring in your pool or spa water today to have it analyzed by spin disk through our Water Link Solutions machine!

Weekly Services

For many homeowners, a backyard swimming pool offers a private oasis for relaxation and fun with friends and family. Keeping up with proper maintenance for a swimming pool, however, can be a time-consuming chore. While some pool owners take the task on themselves, hoping to save a few dollars, there are several great reasons to take advantage of our additional weekly
maintenance services.

Here at Dave's Pools, our weekly services include:

  • Check & Adjust Chemicals

  • Assess Overall Pool Condition & Equipment

  • Vacuum

  • Empty Skimmer & Pump Baskets

We offer these services also on an as-needed basis - so go on that vacation - we'll take care of your pool while you're gone! 
Weekly chemicals used are Stain & Scale, Algaecide 300, Pool Perfect Total; other chemicals will be added based on water chemistry.

If you wish to know more about our weekly services - please call
the store!


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Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM

Saturday: 9 AM - 5 PM

Sunday: Closed

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