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Pool Covers

While a swimming pool is an excellent addition to any yard, it is also vitally important that it is a secure space. Especially for families with small children or pets, a cover will give you peace of mind. Thankfully, there is an easy and affordable solution to controlling access to your pool. By installing a pool cover, you will be able to ensure that your pool is safeguarded.

There are many different options for pool covers - an automatic pool cover or an anchor cover are what we recommend. We will break them down for you, so you know which cover is best for you!


The Benefits of an Automatic Pool Cover

Reduces Sun Exposure

Lengthens the Pool Season

Reduces rain-induced Chemical Imbalances

Diminishes Dirt & Unwanted Elements

Reduces Unwanted Heat Loss

Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic Covers

Quick Opening & Closing Technology

Pool Chemicals Last Longer

Exceeds Industry Safety Standards (ASTM-1346)

Decrease in Water Evaporation, Heat Costs, & Cleaning Time

A Longer, Safer Swimming Season

Year-Round Use

Fabric Lifespan of 5-7 Years

Anchor Covers

Custom Fit to Your Pool

Solid Vinyl Coated Fabric Includes a Cover Pump

Mesh Covers Are Sold in Two Different Styles of Webbing

All Options are Safety Covers

Anchor Covers are Intended for Winter Use Only

Fabric Lifespan of 8-15 Years

Anchor Cover

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Automatic Pool Cover
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