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Pool Equipment

Dave's Pools works with the best brands in the business to ensure you get the highest quality for all parts of your pool. We offer top of the line filters, pumps and automatic cleaners.

Automatic Chlorinator

Automatic Chlorinator

The automatic chlorinator automatically dispenses chlorine into your pool. A chlorinator allows the homeowner more control over how quickly the chlorine tablets dissolve.

Automatic Cleaners

We carry prowler models that vacuum your pool in 2-3 hours including climbing the walls. This allows homeowners to spend more time enjoying their pool instead of vacuuming it. 

Automatic Cleaner
Automation System

Automation System

A pool automation system allows you to connect your pools equipment to one central hub. Dave's Pools installs EasyTouch systems and also provide the option for a wireless controller.

Cartridge Filter

The cartridge filter is a pool filtering system that prevents particles from
contaminating the pool. We recommend the System 3: Mod Media filters. They can handle 2-3 times more dirt than other filters to deliver maintenance-free performance for up to a full season. This allows the cartridges to be cleaned less frequently and more easily.

Cartridge Filter
sr200 Heater


We carry Max-e-therm and Mastertemp heaters. Both types of heaters can use natural gas or propane. Our Max-e-therm heater is a 200,000 BTU unit that can heat most pools at a rate of one degree per hour. This allows you to extend your pool season.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are an efficient piece of equipment that use electricity to transfer heat from the outside ambient air into the water. This is one of the most energy efficient ways to heat your pool. Here at Dave's Pools, we carry the Ultratemp heat pumps.

XLHP High Performance Heat Pump

Pool Pump

The pool pump pulls water from the pool - pushing it into the rest of the equipment
in order to be heated, treated, & filtered. It will then return cleaner, healthier water. We recommend the Supermax Variable Speed pump- an energy efficient pump.

Sta-Rite Supermax Pump

Salt System

The salt system is used in a saltwater pool to turn table salt into chlorine to sanitize the pool. This system creates easier maintenance from week-to-week for the homeowner. Here at Dave's Pools, we carry the Intellichlor system.

Pentair Intellichlor
Sand Filter

Sand Filter

The sand in the filter catches any debris and dirt, purifying & cleaning the water before returning it to the pool. Here at Dave's Pools, we carry a variety of sizes including the Tagelus, Sand Dollar, and Crystal Flo.

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