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Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions about our company, and with the many products and services we offer, we want to make sure our customers have all the answers they need!

Do You Offer Financing?

We recommend financing your new pool through Key Bank. If you're looking to have this project financed, you can contact

Kelly Garfield:

(317) 841-2120


You can also finance through HFS Financial for new pools or spas by clicking the application button below:

HFS Financing

What is the Difference Between a Salt System & Chlorine Tablet System 

A salt system allows salt to be converted into chlorine. This allows a pool owner to add chlorine less frequently. 

Is There Anything I Need to Do Weekly to My Pool?

We recommend checking the balance of the chemicals, as well as vacuuming. It's also important to add in your weekly maintenance chemicals. This includes:

  • Algaecide 300

  • Stain & Scale

  • Pool Perfect Total

*The Amount of Chemicals added is dependent on the size of your pool*

How do Phosphates Impact my Pool?

Phosphates are organic materials that can be present in your pool. They are food for algae and can cause it to grow in your pool.
Be sure to have us test your water on a regular basis, so we can let you know when to treat for phosphates.

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(317) 462-3052

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM

Saturday: 9 AM - 5 PM

Sunday: Closed

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