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Custom Vinyl Pool Liners in Greenfield, IN

Whether you’re cooling off during the day or swimming under the stars at night, a pool is a wonderful benefit to your home. An important part in prolonging its life is by recognizing when an old liner needs replacing, preferably with a custom vinyl liner. If your liner is rounding the 10-year mark, here are a few signs that it may need replacing.

Low Water Levels

Decreasing water levels is an indication that there is damage to your pool lining. Water leaks can lead to washed out supportive backfill behind the walls, corroded pool walls, and even sink holes. Dave’s Pools offers custom vinyl liners that are durable and can prevent leaks before they start.

Discoloring or Fading

Over time, exposure to sunlight, rust, algae, mold, and pool chemicals can cause the liner to fade. Once this process starts, deterioration begins—leaving the liner vulnerable to cracking. Continued discoloration and hard-to-control algae growth are tell-tale signs that you need to replace your liner.

Liner Stretching

If you begin to notice the top of the liner slipping out of its track, it's most likely stretched. A pool liner loses its pliability as it ages. Stretched liners cannot be repaired and must be replaced

Benefits of Having a Custom Vinyl Liner

Choosing a custom vinyl liner will give your pool a fresh, sleek appearance. The material is made from a concrete-based polycarbonate that can last at least fifteen years. Liners are also easy to install, lowering the cost of labor.

Ready to choose your new vinyl liner from our available designs? Give Dave’s Pools a call and let our experts give your pool a huge makeover.